CTLS fuselage repair

click to enlarge A run away golf cart accident ripped the elevator out of the airplane along with the chunk of the fuselage,
click to enlarge Close up of the damage.
click to enlarge The damager area is cut out and a repair piece made by the factory is being fitted in. Once fitted the repair piece is fixed in exact position with popsicle sticks and twisted wire, normally I prefer small bolts and washers but didnít have any on hand.
click to enlarge Now its temporarily bonded with beads of polyester filler the sticks removed and the gap is filled with micro.
click to enlarge The inside of the seam is taped with the required number of carbon tape and overlaps.
click to enlarge A replacement lower part of the ruder spar with the ruder mounting point is fitted and bonded with tapes.
click to enlarge The outside tapes are scarfed to avoid humps in the finish.
click to enlarge Now the finish faze starts, the filler is applied sanded to contours
click to enlarge The pictures donít capture what this is about, the goal is to recreate the surface and blend it in without waves lumps and dips as it came out of the molds.
click to enlarge The sanding filling primer fills the sanding scratches and nicks in the filler and reveals the quality of the contouring job.
click to enlarge Final paint finishes the job, in order the declare the repair a success nobody should be able to see that anything has been done there.

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