Cumulus specifications
Engine - Rotax 447, 40 hp
Weight - 360 lb empty / 640 gross
Stall speed - 32 mph
Climb - 1000 fpm @ 43 mph
Cruise speed - 60 mph
Top speed - 75 mph

Cumulus Yahoo group
click to enlarge Cumulus is a motor glider intended for engine off soaring to fill a gap in that category as nothing like that is currently available on the kit plane market. I designed and built the fiberglass cabin for it. About eight kits were initially delivered but the production has been on hold for the past 4 years after Jim Collie fatal accident and destruction of the prototype . He was the kit designer / producer . A new is party has recently taken the project and after some redesign work of the wing assembly process is currently building a new factory demo. Hopefully everything goes well and the Cumulus will be resurrected again.
click to enlarge The early stage of gluing up the foam around the steel tubing frame. 3m contact spray adhesive and hot glue gun is used
click to enlarge Most rough shaping is done by carving the foam with a large sharp steak knife. I took a trip to Tennessee so we could do this with Jim together.
click to enlarge The plane is taking its shape nicely. This is as good as it needs to get for the design part, now we remove the boom tube and I can take it back home to finish the rest. Behind on the trailer, thatís the original Cumulus prototype that was built in TEAM factory as a proof of concept.
click to enlarge Thatís Jimís shop from the outside , I have the project loaded on the top of my car and Iím about to leave
click to enlarge Now in my workshop, the foam has been shaped and covered with two plies of fiberglass to form a hard shell. A lot of filling and sanding, followed by priming and wet sanding remains to be done, to bring the shape and the surface into perfection.
click to enlarge And here it is, the finished plug , as itís called in the mold making industry. Four separate molds will be made from this plug, the bottom pan , front top and two rear left and right sides.
click to enlarge The bottom pan mold under construction , The white stuff is light weight filler applied about ¼ inch thick between the layers of fiberglass to increase the thickness / stiffness of the mold without adding a lot of weight and money,
click to enlarge Here we are at Sun"N"Fun , Thatís Jim in the right upper corner