Lancair IV

Lancair IV specifications
Engine - Cont. 550a - 350 hp
Weight - 1750 / 2900 gross
Stall speed - 69 mph
Climb -
Cruise speed - 300 mph

Lancair VI is one of the most advanced kit planes on the market, by the design , construction and performance. I was hired to work on the construction of two simultaneous airplanes in one shop, one regular and one pressurized. It was a great education for me, you just canít beat the hands on experience when you want to learn about aircraft design and construction techniques involved . I spent 6 months full time work on this project .

click to enlarge This is how it starts, because all the outside shells are molded it looks like an airplane right from the start but donít let that fool you , a lot of work goes in to making all the inner guts.
click to enlarge Here you can see how complicated it is, and thatís about half the things that will go in there, retractable gear, hydraulic flaps, IFR instruments, autopilot, pressurization,
click to enlarge We just flipped it upside down to do the finishing body work
click to enlarge Filling and sanding - a lot of it
click to enlarge Spraying the last coat of filling primer
click to enlarge Filling and sanding the wings. This is what Iím really good at , I can make the airfoil perfectly smooth and straighten all the waviness.
click to enlarge A good picture of the wing, It has fowler flaps, spoilers, winglets and holds all the fuel. Check the massive spar. Itís the same design like a glider, it overlaps inside the fuselage spar box and itís held together and to the fuselage by two pins.